PA200014 Experience with us the pleasures of the traditional Greek lifestyle by participating in fun cooking classes and enjoying relaxing trips which will give you the chance to indulge in the intoxicating wines & special cheeses of the area, taste the uniquely delicious olives & a wide variety of fresh, absolutely delicious and aromatic fruit and vegetables, extremely tasty, healthy, organic meat and poultry and fresh fish.    

ΚΤΗΜΑΜΠΡΙΝΤΖΙΚΗ 1 You can enjoy every last minute of your stay, by living once-in-a-lifetime, unique and unforgettable experiences, which you cannot live in any other place of the planet, such as:


-Fishing in traditional fishing boats in the unique Mesologgi Lagoon and in Patraikos Gulf.      

IMG 7134

Exploring the complex of wetlands of the National Natural Park of Mesologgi & watching more than 300 kinds of birds as well as the rich wild flora at the dunes of the complex.

- Having daily Sea Trips with a speedboat or a sailing boat to the dozens of virgin isles of the Ionian Sea, combining them with swimming, diving and fishing.


-Take a tour to the area's history & culture by visiting the historical monuments, archaeological sites, castles of the area using the paths used by its ancient inhabitants      
IMG 7122  -Swimming in the clean, crystal water of Patraikos Gulf, at the beach of Kryoneri as well as the other beautiful beaches of the area.

-Climbing/mountaineering on Varasova, which is one of the most important mountain climbing destinations in Europe. 


IMG 6794

  -Hiking, cycling or/and horse riding on the paths of Mt. Arakynthos, the banks of Mesologgi Lagoon, the lakes and rivers (Evinos & Acheloos) of the area. River Trekking in the virgin and leafy canyons is a unique experience.          


-Canoeing/kayaking in River Evinos or Acheloos or enjoying the calm waters of Mesologgi Lagoon and the lakes of the area in a canoe.

-Try your abilities in:

              * Paragliding,

              * Kite-surfing,

              * Windsurfing,

              * Archery    


-Flying in small aircrafts of the local aeroclub and enjoying the wonderful natural beauties of the area from above.


-Having daily winter respite for Skiing to the near-by slopes of Arachova and Kalavryta.



IMG 5461

-Mesologgi Lagoon is also renowned for its hot springs, which are beneficial for sea spa for the old but, why not, for the young as well!!!  



   If all this is not enough for you to spend the best vacation of your lives, a night romantic "boat trip" on a fool moon in the peaceful waters of Mesologgi Lagoon will help you complete the most unforgettable experience of your life in the best possible way.

There is no monotony here!

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