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“Domaine Kapotis” is an accessible farm based on innovative ideas of agritourism and living in nature. Its land consists of vineyards, fruit and vegetable cultivations, a winery, a wine shop, a wine bottling plant as well as places to stay. Inside the farm there are three self-contained and independent stone residences-maisonettes surrounded by natural vegetation. The nature is outstanding and just beyond the vineyards the vegetation of the Acarnanian Mountains unfolds, along with rich clusters of deciduous trees and the unique fir forest with the Abies Cephalonica. On the other side and just opposite of the farm, the under-construction dam of Achira and the 3100 acres artificial lake are extended. The farm has a large number of comforts as it provides large spaces, a fireplace in every room, a hot tub, a special breakfast made of the farm’s organic products, fresh fruits and vegetables along with other local products. The outdoor space is inviting and offers peace and quiet away from the intense pace of the cities. The farm is ideal for anyone that wishes to combine the beauty of the nature with luxury and enjoy the warmth and the comforts of the warm and convenient spaces, decorated with love and high aesthetic furniture. You have the opportunity to try an alternative and quite interesting style of vacation. In most of the area’s villages you can find small cafes where apart from the traditional flavored coffee, you can also taste original local products.

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The light and high-quality decoration inside the residences, along with the Greek nature which decorates the gardens and the surroundings constitute your ultimate relaxation while being here. The fresh air in addition to the delicious food and the tours through the nature will rejuvenate and relax you.

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These residences constitute a brand new and beautiful space, made with lots of care and love, for accommodating the guests of this side of Aetolia and Acarnania. The farm is carefully designed down to the last detail, so that it can charm its visitors through the simplicity of a captivating environment and offer them unforgettable experiences. In this full of green farm, the harmony between stone and wood and the natural landscape along with the magnificent view create a high aesthetic and idyllic scenery, ideal for escaping the daily routine.

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The agritourism, as it is experienced in the farm, is an alternative form of tourism and an opportunity to present the traditional farming life of Aetolia and Acarnania. Inside the farm, the guests will have the possibility to experience the simple everyday life of the local people and take up traditional farming activities.


Hiking, extreme sports, visiting areas of ancient, historical and environmental interest, such as the castle of Ancient Torivia with the cyclopean walls and the area’s fir forest which is located 1,5km away from the farm, are some forms of the alternative tourism that the guests can enjoy.

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Siozou Evanggelia

“Domaine Kapotis”

Furnished Residences and Accessible Winery


Komboti, Xiromero, Aetolia and Acarnania, Postal Code 30004


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